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Group of Companies

AUM $208M*

EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation provides private and public investors with access to participate in pools of securitized mortgages. It pays a monthly flow-through dividend. 

EquityLine Diversity Limited Partnership​ allocates capital through various strategies with a real estate-centric focus. Assets are deployed to a diverse set of companies and projects to construct a portfolio of private and public income and capital gain generating investments.

EquityLine Prive Real Estate Limited Partnership (REIT) is a boutique private equity firm headquartered in Toronto. We invest in, actively develop and manage early-stage real estate projects that create vibrant communities, exceptional returns and long-term wealth for our investors.

EquityLine NY Limited Partnership ​provides New York State residents and business entities access to a diversified real estate investment strategy, investing the majority of the capital raised in self-originated New York, Texas and Florida short-term mortgages, consisting primarily of multi-family buildings.

EquityLine Financial Corp.​ is a privately-held mortgage brokerage operating in Ontario, Canada the purpose of the brokerage is to connect with qualified borrowers directly and through third-party mortgage companies.

EquityLine Services Corp.​ manages EquityLine MIC via a management contract. It provides the sourcing, structuring, and management of mortgages on behalf of EquityLine MIC and other contracted entities.

*The AUM is comprised of the following EquityLine Group of Companies assets under management.