Stability. Predictability. Diversification.

Equityline Mortgage Investment Corporation

Yes, it’s possible to get predictable 7.5% to 10% income.

EquityLine MIC delivers stable monthly dividends secured by a diversified pool of residential mortgages in the Greater Toronto Area.


No missed dividend payments. No defaults. No foreclosures.

Our commitment to  mitigating risk means we’ve never missed a full dividend payment or experienced a default or foreclosure within our mortgage portfolio.



We’ve never missed a dividend payment.


Earn consistent monthly income secured by residential mortgages.

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Unlock your home equity quickly and easily.

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Access multiple mortgage solutions with fast flexible closing.

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Generate, predictable monthly income for fee-based and traditional accounts.

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Canadian Investor

EquityLine MIC Series B or F Preferred Shares

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U.S. Investor

EquityLine Capital (Delaware) LP Class A Units

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Jamaican Investor

EquityLine MIC Series A Preferred Shares

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Eastern Caribbean Investor

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At EquityLine, we're all about mortgages

The EquityLine Group, based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada offers a full range of mortgage services through interrelated corporations and third-party partners. Founded almost a decade ago, the Group has evolved to meet increasing demand for our investor and borrower services.

Learn about Mortgage Investment Corporations and EquityLine MIC’s investment strategy.
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