EquityLine Diversity LP

A limited partnership constituted under the laws of the Province of Ontario

EquityLine Diversity Limited Partnership strategically deploys capital with a primary focus on real estate. Our assets are allocated across a diverse array of companies and projects, aiming to construct a well-balanced portfolio that generates income and capital gains from both private and public investments.

Who we are

Experienced Leadership and Advisory Excellence

Our senior management team boasts decades of experience in various facets of the real estate industry, including mortgage financing and real estate development. Their collective expertise, coupled with a blend of visionary thinking and disciplined execution, is instrumental in ensuring the effective implementation of the EquityLine Diversity business model, aimed at delivering the projected returns to our investors. Furthermore, our management team is complemented by an advisory board characterized by a wealth of knowledge and diverse professional backgrounds, serving as a valuable asset to our leadership group.

EquityLine Diversity
Investment Thesis

The Partnership’s primary investment focus entails the acquisition of a diverse property portfolio situated within major metropolitan areas in both Canada and the United States, with the primary utilization of the proceeds dedicated to this purpose.

The Partnership aims to retain core and enhanced-return properties for a duration spanning five to seven years. This timeframe is deemed optimal for maximizing the potential for increased income and capital appreciation. However, it’s worth noting that economic and market conditions may prompt adjustments to the holding periods of our investments.

Moreover, the EquityLine Diversity investment model was meticulously developed to harmonize the Partnership’s overarching objectives. This model seeks to provide both stable income and a liquidity cushion while simultaneously exploring the appealing potential for higher returns by incorporating a segment of the portfolio into real estate ownership and development, short-term mortgage financing, and alternative asset allocation.

EquityLine Group of Companies

EquityLine Diversity Limited Partnership

EquityLine Diversity Limited Partnership was established in 2023 as a limited partnership constituted under the laws of the Province of Ontario. It allocates capital through various strategies with a real estate-centric focus. Assets are deployed to a diverse set of companies and projects to construct a portfolio of private and public income and capital gain generating investments.

EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation

EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation (EquityLine MIC) was established in 2018 to provide a more consistent source of mortgage funding for borrowers and contracted mortgage brokers. Additionally, EquityLine MIC provides private and public investors with the ability to participate in pools of mortgages. EquityLine MIC pays a monthly, flow-through dividend.

EquityLine Prive Real Estate Limited Partnership

EquityLine Prive Real Estate Limited Partnership (REIT) is a boutique private equity firm headquartered in Toronto. We invest in, actively develop and manage early-stage real estate projects that create vibrant communities, exceptional returns and long-term wealth for our investors.

EquityLine New York Limited Partnership

EquityLine NY Limited Partnership ​provides New York State residents and business entities access to a diversified real estate investment strategy, investing the majority of the capital raised in self-originated New York, Texas and Florida short-term mortgages, consisting primarily of multi-family buildings.

EquityLine SPV Limited Partnership

Since September 2021, EquityLine MIC has had liquidity lines through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure with a Schedule One Canadian chartered bank. The SPV accelerates growth in Assets Under Management (AUM) while mitigating debt risk. Under the SPV arrangement, EquityLine MIC can fund approximately 20% of a mortgage from its existing capital pool, which in turn will trigger an additional 80% funding contribution from the SPV at an interest rate of prime + 1.5%, without commission or distributions payable. Through this SPV structure, EquityLine MIC can leverage AUM growth by a factor of four to generate an attractive profit without assuming debt risk. EquityLine MIC initiated an initial $25 million CAD credit facility through the Canadian Schedule 1 bank, which increased to a $55 million CAD facility in Q4 2022.

EquityLine Financial Corp.

EquityLine Financial Corp. is a privately-held mortgage brokerage operating in Ontario, Canada the purpose of the brokerage is to connect with qualified borrowers directly and through third-party mortgage companies.