Yes, it’s possible to get meaningful income.

Our 5 Wealth Creation Principles have achieved exceptional results. Since inception, we have:

  • Delivered consistent, predictable income, month in and month out

  • Never missed a full distribution payment to shareholders

  • Never experienced a default or foreclosure in our mortgage portfolio

Our 5 Wealth Creation

Approve borrowers through rigorous underwriting practices
EquityLine only lends to credible, qualified borrowers. Our underwriting policies and guidelines have been reviewed and approved by Tier 1 Canadian Banks.
Focus on short-term loans on residential properties
By focusing on short-term loans only, EquityLine significantly mitigates the effects of real estate market dips or corrections. Mortgage loan terms historically average 8 months, never more than 12 months.
Finance to a maximum of 80% LTV (loan-to-value)
This leaves a minimum 20% buffer in case of real estate market fluctuations. Historically, EquityLine’s mortgage portfolio LTV ratio is 73%.
Require certified home appraisals
Using only accredited appraisers ensures we know what a home is truly worth before we lend.
Experienced management team and strong independent board of directors
EquityLine management team has over 100 years of real estate and investing experience. The management team is supported by an independent board of directors with extensive knowledge of financial services and regulatory matters, as well as public reporting experience.


With historically low interest rates, Canadians have higher-yield options.

Today’s low interest rate environment has made it very challenging for Canadian investors to generate acceptable levels of income from their investments. Challenging, but not impossible. EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC) holds an expertly managed portfolio of mortgage loans secured by residential property, with the potential to provide significantly higher monthly income than traditional fixed-income products.

Qualified investors can invest $5,000 or more in EquityLine MIC Series B or Series F Preferred Shares.

Series B Preferred Shares

Series F Preferred Shares

Where can I learn more?

For an in-depth look at the MIC opportunity and EquityLine’s approach, read our book: Mortgage Investment Corporations: Uniquely Canadian & Globally Available

How can I

Contact a registered dealing representative or licensed financial advisor, or ask us to put you in touch with one. Working with a professional, you can decide how EquityLine MIC can best meet your income goals.

Suggested alternative (since low interest rates are in the first sentence below): Canadians have higher-yield alternatives to traditional fixed income